New Post From Atiya

“When we applaud someone’s weight loss or celebrate abstinence anniversaries in our meetings, it doesn’t mean we are singling out these people for glory.  It means we are rejoicing in a fellow compulsive overeater’s recovery.” 
     Tradition Twelve, The Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions of Overeaters Anonymous, Second Edition,
page 166.  

This morning my meeting read Tradition Twelve from the revised OA 12 & 12, spiritual principle: Spirituality.

I shared about celebrating 15 years of abstinence and recovery this week.  Instead of focusing on “How’d you do it?” which is what we traditionally ask someone who is celebrating an anniversary, I suggested answering WHY we do it.  Why the change?  First, there is a chapter in the Big Book that tells us how it works.  And, the WHY is the root of Hope that keeps me coming back.  

I keep coming back, one day at a time, working the steps and practicing spiritual principles in all of my affairs because I love the results.  In addition to enjoying a healthy body I live an amazing, joyful life!  I have loving, healthy relationships (with myself and others), I have work which am capable of doing (after years of doubting my abilities), and I no longer let fear and fat dictate my well-being.  These are just some of the intangible results of my working the steps all of these years.

My own experience, strength and hope – which I gain as THE result of working the steps – encourages me to continue today what has worked for the past 5,484 days!  Thanks for showing up with me today!

Hugs and deep gratitude,

Atiya M.

Durham, NC, USA