Baton Rouge and Lafayette Meetings

Most meetings, except where noted, are in first-floor rooms, and most are accessible by wheelchair. If you need to confirm this, or if you have any additional questions about a meeting, call or email that meeting’s contact person ahead of time.

If you need to find a telephone meeting, an online meeting, or a face-to-face meeting in another area, please visit

All meetings are open unless otherwise specified.


  1. Monday Noon – Jefferson United Methodist Church, 10328 Jefferson Hwy, Classroom C. Contact Jan @ 225-389-1398 for info.
  2. Tuesday Noon – East Baton Rouge Parish Library, Main Branch, 7711 Goodwood Blvd. Contact Beth @ 225-802-7367 for info.
  3. Tuesday 7:00 pm – University United Methodist Church, 3350 Dalrymple Dr. (Trice Building in parking lot, second floor), Contact Sandy @225-603-6617 for info.
  4. Wednesday NoonBroadmoor United Methodist Church, Mollylea Dr. at Sharp Rd.(Rm 107AB of the Adult Education Building). Contact Margaret @ 225-664-4393 for info.
  5. Wednesday 7pm – St Patrick’s Catholic Church, 12424 Brogdon Ln., in library adjacent to the courtyard.   Contact Kirsten @ 225-954-6481 for info.
  6. Thursday 7pm – Our Savior Lutheran Church, 3555 Jones Creek Rd. Contact Bobby @ 225-754-1041 for info.
  7. Saturday 10:30am – Jefferson United Methodist Church, 10328 Jefferson Hwy. Contact Adelaide @ 225-202-7600 for info.


  1. Tuesday 6:00 pmUniversity Medical Center, 2390 W. Congress, Classroom 2 – Focus: Big Book.  Contact  Susan @ 337-315-0471
  2. Wednesday 5:30 pmSt. Peter Church, 102 N. Church St. Carencro, LA (Red brick building with white roof – use side door – upstairs).  Contact Kathy @ 337-896-5370
  3. Saturday 10:00 amUniversity Medical Center, 2390 W. Congress, Classroom 2 –  Focus:  OA Steps & Traditions.  Contact Lou@ 337-684-5094
  4. Sunday 4:30 pmUniversity Medical Center, 2930 W. Congress, Auditorium. Focus:  Big Book.  Contact Susan @ 337-315-0471

Updated December 29, 2015

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