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     -Spiritual Principle of Step 12
It is after 5 PM on Friday and I am trying to finish my walk for the day.  I started walking earlier today but cut it short to prepare food for a family dinner which has been moved from tonight to tomorrow night to accommodate others. I am grateful that today was much warmer than it has been so it is still mild out. I also appreciate that I am not working today, unlike my sponsee and the woman who is currently delivering the US mail.

As my sponsor (who will also be out in the dark while walking her dog) said, one of the benefits of being outside this evening is getting to see Christmas lights.  Another benefit for me is seeing the hot pink ripples in the sky after the sunset.  I also don’t want to take for granted that I have people who I will be spending time with this weekend, who love me and want to spend time with me.  Being flexible with our schedule so that a family member can join us is practicing the Tool of Service.  And since service is also the Spiritual Principle of Step 12, l give myself double credit. 😉  You all have taught me that it really isn’t all about me!
Thank you for letting me be of service and practice the steps.  May we all be well.   

Atiya M.

Durham, NC, USA