November 1, 2021

New post from Atiya

“If I want to go fast, I go alone; if I want to go far, I go together.”

This slogan is a quick summary of what I was like and what I am like today. When I found all of you, what I wanted (and knew) was fast. I would speed and had multiple speeding tickets and car accidents to show for it. I always wanted to go alone because then I could do it my way. And my relationships were surface and superficial because I did not yet understand that intimacy takes time to develop.

Today, I understand that I need other people in order to have a satisfactory life. I have learned how to have deep and intimate relationships. And most of the time, I want to go together.

Sponsorship is one of the tools that has helped my transformation. In addition to sponsorship being a necessity for the way I work the steps, it is in having a sponsor and being a sponsor that I learned how to have healthy, loving, trusting, accepting relationships.

Thank you for teaching me how to go far!

Atiya M.

Durham, NC, USA