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Yesterday I shared on a recovery panel.  The topic was Relationships in Recovery.  Many people hear the word “relationship” and think about romantic relationships (in a similar way, people hear the word “intimacy” and think of sex).  However, I have many different types of relationships in my life.  

One of the reasons why I isolated and ate before recovery was because I did not know how to have relationships.  My relationship tools were dishonesty, being an emotional parasite and severing relationships.  These tools caused me pain that made it easier to be alone.  Fortunately, I found you all and you taught me that not only could I learn how to stop eating compulsively, I could also learn how to have healthy relationships.  You also taught me that acceptance is a tool of health relationships.  
Yesterday morning I invited my niece to visit.  When we met, we discussed her future.  I shared my own experience and I also gave her advice.  As she was leaving, I said if she does nothing that I suggested I still love her.  How wonderful that you all taught me acceptance and that I can now give that gift to my niece!  
Together we get better . . . and better . . . and better! 🤗

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I can’t rest on my laurels.

AA Big Book p85

Boy don’t I know it. When I start to let go of some of the things that got me to long terms of abstinence. What did I do? I got lazy. I stopped praying and meditating. I let go of a few crucial things that helped me stay clean. What happened? I was back in the food and miserable. The things I was doing: praying and meditating, reading literature, contacting other oa’ers, listening to OA and AA speakers, kept me clean. I have to remember this disease that it is cunning, baffling, and yes powerful. This is so true. If I want to overwhelm myself, I think about the fact that I will always be an addict. If I want to be real and smart, I just say One Day at a Time.

Just some housekeeping

We have a Meet and Greet Saturday May 15th 2 – 3:30

I’ve been told that the Wednesday noon meeting needs support and also, here is a message from Tonia G:

Hello All,
I would love to know if people would like to meet in person for the Sunday 4:30 pm meeting, change the time, and/or change the format, otherwise we may have to discontinue the meeting. Lately, we only have 3 people including myself attending the meeting.
What are your thoughts?  I would greatly appreciate your honest feedback.  It’s discouraging and I just want whatever God’s will is.
OA Hugs and Blessings

An Awesome Virtual Retreat

The Virtual Retreat was AWESOME! It was well organized and very educational and really helped my program. Thanks to the people that helped put it on. What are some takeaways that you had from the retreat? Please post some feedback and indicate whether you want it to be anonymous.

Some acronyms to start your day:

(sent in by an oa’er)

HOPE: Happy Our Program Exists

HALT: Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired

DETACH: Don’t. Even. Think. About. Changing. Him/Her.

FEAR: False. Evidence. Appearing. Real.

THINK: is it…? Thoughtful. Honest. Intelligent. Necessary. Kind.

STEPS: Solutions. To. Every. Problem

NUTS: Not. Using. The. Steps

QTIP: Quit. Taking. It. Personally

LOVE: Let. Others. Voluntarily. Evolve

HOW: Honest. Open. Willing.