A Submission Katrina S. (yay!!!)

(Yay I got a submission! Anyone can submit anytime!)

Honoring Service from Katrina S

I’ve been receiving congratulations on being appointed R8 Trustee and I want to honor the depth of devotion to service in the Baton Rouge Intergroup that prepared me for this level of service by saying thanks and giving honor to Aleta P and to Rosemary B. Without their nudging, role modeling and guidance I wouldn’t be here.

When I first came into OA, of course, I knew nothing about the ‘business’ side of OA. I didn’t know about Regions, the OA World Service Office or the Board of Trustees. The people that mattered were the people who ran the meetings, welcomed me in, introduced me to the literature, the steps and put my feet on the road to recovery. I would think that it is the same for most of you. The ‘business’ side is invisible.

As some of you may know, Aleta P has served at every level of OA. She served as Trustee, on the Region Board, and at Intergroup level. She leads retreats and gives talks whenever she is asked. We are a small Intergroup, to have 2 Region officers and 2 Trustees chosen from the same small intergroup indicates that there is a devotion to service that allows the area to nurture this kind of service. Aleta P has helped to provide that model.

The other model for me was Rosemary B. She passed away last year but I will never forget her. Rosemary co-founded a meeting that was welcoming and sweet. She assigned me to my 1st, 2nd and 3rd OA service jobs. My first job was to put up the chairs. For my 2nd job, Rosemary heard that I was an engineer, gave me the bank bag and said that the group needed a Treasurer.

Later, Rosemary told me to go to the Intergroup meeting and tell them that I was Intergroup Treasurer. This caused chaos and horror before an impromptu nomination and vote. When I told Rosemary that I wanted to strengthen my recovery by continuing to do service, she told me to speak to Aleta P.

When I became Region Representative and World Service Delegate Aleta taught me how to do this service responsibly and with integrity. She also demonstrated how to give service balanced with recovery. She nominated me for Region Chair. 

For me, service is one of the foundations of my recovery. These two amazing, loving and generous women helped me build the foundation for a beautiful, abstinent life of service and recovery.

Katrina S, Region 8 Chair / Trustee