Wisdom from Atiya

A few months ago, I registered for the World Service Convention in Orlando.  I had not yet decided to attend, but was willing to let the registration fee turn into a Seventh Tradition donation if I decided not to go.  I eventually made the decision not to attend.  However, I then offered the registration to another member.  Shortly after the registration was transferred into her name, the Convention was canceled.  The registration fee was credited to my account.

I don’t know about you, but I like to receive money.  A part of me was on board with keeping it.  Instead I made myself commit to returning the sum to WSO.  OA as a whole took a financial hit from the canceled Convention.  Donating the registration fee is a small way to do what I can to help offset the burden.  
I made myself take action before I changed my mind (and before I typed this) and have now completed the donation to WSO.  Here is the link in case you too are willing to give back some of what has been freely given: https://oa.org/contribute/.  And perhaps I’ll see you at the next Convention in 2025!  

Atiya M.

Durham, NC, USA