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July 26, 2021

Hello my fellow oa’ers! Enjoying the heat? Just kidding. These are the dog days and not in a good way.

I discovered meditation in high school but I never did it consistently until OA. My day goes so much smoother when I meditate. Usually I do it lying down in bed before I go to work. One day I’ll try sitting up. As I promised to discuss my methods of meditation.

  1. I use an app that is a meditation timer. I just sit and breath and try to focus.

This is the one I use.

2. I discovered meditation beads. They really helped me focus. There are a slew of ways to use them. After I made myself nuts trying to do it in the direction and style that was suggested, I just pulled one bead through my fingers for an inhale then one for an exhale.

Here is a picture of my beads. I splurged a little and got them from Coyote Moon:

3. I use different meditation videos. Here is a link to my favorites: