Getting Through the Holidays with Abstinence and Gratitude

We had a great workshop yesterday, dealing with “Getting Through the Holidays with Abstinence and Gratitude.” A lot of great coping skills were shared by the program’s organizers and by the participants. Unfortunately, when I’m in the middle of a situation that challenges my abstinence, I sometimes forget about those coping skills, so I took some notes…

Here are just some of the suggestions I heard yesterday – Remember, take what you need and leave the rest:

  •  “Phone a friend” – Call or text a fellow for support, for accountability, or even just to vent.
  • “No” is a complete sentence, or “No, thank you” if you want to be more polite. 😉
    (You don’t have to explain why you don’t want something)
  • It doesn’t matter if no one else understands our issues with food. All that matters is that WE get it!
  • Bring your own food or meal.
  • Take advantage of supporters (friends or family) at events with you. Allow them to help you or “run interference” for you if necessary.
  • Find out what food will be available in advance, if possible and plan accordingly.
  • Check out all of what will be served BEFORE you start filling your plate. Make a plan, and commit it to a sponsor or fellow
  • Take a picture of your plate and send it to your sponsor or a fellow, for accountability.
  • Don’t go – do what you need to do to take care of yourself. Not putting yourself in a harmful environment is a viable option

If you were at the workshop and you heard something I missed, please share in the comments! Also, do YOU have any strategies for maintaining your abstinence through the holidays? Please share them in the comments. You never know what little tidbit you share can mean the world to someone else.

Happy Holidays Y’all!

OA 10:30 a m Sat. Group Conscience Meeting

WHAT: OA 10:30 a m Sat. Group Conscience Meeting

WHERE: Jefferson United Methodist Church

WHEN: Sat. Aug. 18, After the 10:30 meeting

TOPICS: to discuss & discern

  1. Improvement needed in responsibilities
    • e.g. the keeper of the meeting room key has not shown up to open the door (At this time we don’t know who has the key.) Should we rotate holding the key?
    • How do we encourage whoever commits to leading the meeting to get to the room 10 -15 minutes early to prepare, e.g. hand out readings & signs, get a timer volunteer, etc.
    • Members need to be encouraged to try harder to be on time for the beginning of the meeting.
    • Should we consider asking everyone to turn off their cell phones as part of our opening protocol?.
  1. Consideration of devoting one meeting a month to one of the 12 Steps as designated topic

–submitted by the 10:30 AM Saturday meeting

June Brig take aways

  1. Clarify whether it is the 4th Saturday or the last (4th Saturday)
  2. Check literature policy, bring revised 12 and 12 and workbook for workshop.
  3. Checking on who sent specific money.
  4. Committee report -website, blog, phone list?, PIP on hold, event calendar workshops, events, brig meeting, fun Friday, Men’s Wellness in August, planning September, November gratitude lunch and workshop, OA athon for Christmas.
  5. July 14 workshop lunch meeting