Blog – February 23, 2021

So I’d like to start this post off with a quote from Mr. Hollands Opus. The reason is because I was in a group and we were discussing the need for sponsors. According to a well known OA speaker, a sponsor is not required to work the steps. But it sure makes it easier. If you’re in an unfamiliar forest, you can eventually get out. I might get out. It may be hours, days, weeks, even months, but you will get out. Now if someone hands you a compass, you’re more likely to get out sooner. If you have a guide, it would be a piece of cake (sorry). I think of a sponsor as a compass and a guide. Someone who has been where I am (the forest, the wilderness, the desert) and made it through alive. Why wouldn’t I have a sponsor to shorten that time of being lost. With that being said here is a quote from the movie Mr. Holland’s Opus that made me think of the compass scenario:

Principal Jacobs: Mr. Holland! Just the man I was looking for. We’re forming a textbook committee for next year’s curriculum. And I would like to have your ideas and suggestions. We meet next Tuesday night in the library.

Glenn Holland: Oh, I’m sorry, Mrs. Jacobs. I’m… I’m very busy on Tuesday night.

Principal Jacobs: Uh-huh. You know, for a good four or five months now, I’ve been watching you, Mr. Holland. I’ve never seen a teacher sprint for the parking lot after last period with more speed and enthusiasm than his students. Perhaps you should be our track coach.

Glenn Holland: Mrs. Jacobs, I get here on time every morning, don’t I? I’m doing my job the best I can.

Principal Jacobs: A teacher is two jobs. Fill young minds with knowledge, yes. But more important, give those minds a compass so that that knowledge doesn’t go to waste. Now, I don’t know what you’re doing with the knowledge, Mr. Holland, but as a compass, you’re stuck.


Here is some words of wisdom from Atiya and I’ve also added some pearls of wisdom.

Atiya Mosley ( (Bcc) DetailsListen and Learn. February 14, 2021
     -Recovery Slogan
Listen (to my HP, Healing Path) and Learn (the next indicated action).  Listen (to my inner self) and Learn (what I need and what’s important to me).  Listen (to my sponsor) and Learn (how to accept humanness).  Listen to (you) and learn (how to practice spiritual principles in all of my affair).  Listen (at a meeting) and Learn (the hope of recovery). 
Thanks for teaching me how to listen and learn.  Happy Day of Love! 
Atiya M. Durham, NC, USA919-302-1030 (please not texts)

Atiya Mosley ( (Bcc) DetailsHonesty February 6
     -Spiritual Principle of Step One
A significant area of my dishonesty is omission.  I am very skilled at manipulating the truth.  A few weeks ago, I was given credit for organizing a special event with former OA trustees of color.  I am also responsible for an amend arising from the same event. 
Although I invited a speaker who is no longer in OA, I did not share this information with all of you. I wanted OA members to attend.  So, my announcement implied that the group of us holding the event were on our way to being a registered OA service body.  This was true (and has happened).  Yet, when the former trustee who is no longer in the fellowship shared matters that some considered outside issues in addition to her experience, strength and hope, I justified (in my mind) that this was not an “official OA” event.  I can’t have it both ways!         
I apologize to all of you for intentionally omitting information and for my dishonesty.  I invite your loving feedback on ways to make this right. 
Atiya M.Durham, NC, USA919-302-1030 no text messages