***Important*** Keyholder REQUIRED for meetings

Unfortunately, it has happened. One of our meetings has been zoom-bombed with with obscenities and vulgar information. For the security of our meetings, effective immediately, each meeting MUST be opened by a virtual key holder, and all attendees must be admitted to the meeting.

**This matter, and how to move forward in the future, will be discussed further at the December 18 BRIG meeting. Please discuss this at your meetings, and urge a representative to attend BRIG so each meeting will have a voice.

Please consider serving our community by being a virtual key holder.

Baton Rouge Zoom Virtual Key Holder/Host instructions:

–You will need to log out of your personal zoom account and login as the virtual key holder  for that meeting only (https://zoom.us/signin). You will need to log back in on your personal account for any other meeting.

Contact Tami M (205-267-8759), Jan B (225-328-0639), Sandy B (225-603-6617), or another Key Holder for log in inform.

–Please find a replacement virtual key holder and instruct them if you cannot keep up with this service. The meeting cannot open if a keyholder is not able to attend.

–Start the zoom meeting at least 5 minutes early. The meeting leader will open and close the meeting as usual.

–All meeting participants will need to be allowed entrance by the key holder, as they log in.

–Be willing to mute any distracting noises and address them as needed, including removing hecklers/bullying individuals and “zoom-bombers.”

  • Click on “Participants”
  • Select the person you want to mute or remove
  • A list of options will appear. Click on whichever action you need, like “Mute audio,” or “Remove.”

–Log-out once the meeting is over.

updated 12-04-2022