Your opinion requested…

For a very long time now, the Tuesday night meeting has been held at University United Methodist Church on Dalrymple, near the LSU campus.  Unfortunately, that location is not handicap accessible, and the church has no other options for us. So, the Tuesday night people are looking into moving to a new location and we would like your input. Where in the Baton Rouge area would you like the Tuesday 7pm meeting to move? Here are some options:

  • Stay on or near LSU campus
  • One of our locations already used by OA (St. Patrick’s Catholic, Jeff. United Methodist, Our Savior Lutheran, Broadmore United Methodist)
  • Denham Springs area
  • Prairieville area
  • North of I-12 area
  • Southwest of I-10 (between Siegen Ln and Essen Ln/Staring Ln)
  • Gonzales area
  • Other?
  • And of course, staying at University Methodist is still an option

Please send your vote, or any comments to

Also, if you have suggestions or ties to a possible alternative location, please share those as well.

Thank you!

PS. Please let fellows in other meetings know about this possible move, and ask them to send us feedback too.