OA 10:30 a m Sat. Group Conscience Meeting

WHAT: OA 10:30 a m Sat. Group Conscience Meeting

WHERE: Jefferson United Methodist Church

WHEN: Sat. Aug. 18, After the 10:30 meeting

TOPICS: to discuss & discern

  1. Improvement needed in responsibilities
    • e.g. the keeper of the meeting room key has not shown up to open the door (At this time we don’t know who has the key.) Should we rotate holding the key?
    • How do we encourage whoever commits to leading the meeting to get to the room 10 -15 minutes early to prepare, e.g. hand out readings & signs, get a timer volunteer, etc.
    • Members need to be encouraged to try harder to be on time for the beginning of the meeting.
    • Should we consider asking everyone to turn off their cell phones as part of our opening protocol?.
  1. Consideration of devoting one meeting a month to one of the 12 Steps as designated topic

–submitted by the 10:30 AM Saturday meeting