Your feedback is needed…

The Baton Rouge InterGroup (BRIG) is currently planning workshops and events for 2018, AND we are beginning to plan for a Spring Retreat taking place in April 2019. This is where we could use your help – what would YOU, as members of OA like to see? Are there any topics you would like to learn more about, or to talk about?

Recent topics included:

  • Abstinence
  • Sponsoring
  • AA Big Book Workshop at the Spring 2017 Retreat

What do you struggle with in your program?

What are your victories and strengths in program?

What are your most valuable tools?

Could you help with planning or speaking at a BRIG event? Single events are great short-term service commitments, and are great fun!

Please leave any comments below, and/or send them to

We are here to serve YOU, thanks for your help!

One thought on “Your feedback is needed…

  1. Please big book Workshop. Understans how it works. and the rules and the steps.. Wish they had a workshop on Steps.

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